Best equalizer settings iphone 4s

Step 5: Select the preset equalizer settings that you like by simply tapping on it. You can now close settings app and listen to the new versions of your songs.

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It is better to choose preset EQ settings while playing your music so you can identify the huge differences among them. You can also hear the impact levels as well as the soothing effects of other preset settings like Bass.

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  6. You can also change iPhone equalizer settings for different audio devices. For instance, you have different EQ settings for using earphones and different for speakers. This lets you maximize the effects of songs on different audio devices. Have fun listening! Menu Home.


    Home Apple iPhone 5S. Adjusting iPhone Equalizer Follow the step by step guide to access iPhone Equalizer and make adjustment on your preferred type of music. Step 1: Open Settings app. Step 3: Tap on EQ.

    Post 1 of Aug 16, Post 2 of Jun 29, EQu is easy to use. Equalizer gives more pin point tweaking.

    Here’s How to Adjust Equalizer Settings on iPhone 5s - Phone No Sound Fixes & Help

    Sonicmaxpro gives all the fun of cowon BBE equalizing. JohnSantana likes this. Post 3 of Post 4 of Nice find. Aug 27, at 1: Post 5 of Oct 11, at 3: Post 6 of Mar 28, Anyone use the Denon app and notice a noticeable drop in battery life?

    iPhone 4S - iOS 6 Beta 3 Music Setting New Equalizer Option

    I seem to be using it to play in the past 2 days and noticed today that my battery drained really quickly? Am I the only one? Oct 11, at 8: Post 7 of Oct 15, at Post 8 of After some consideration, I think I'm going to just have to sacrifice a little of the quality from the Denon Audio app for the stock music app from iOS. No good to me if my batts are dead and I can't listen to music at all. Oct 18, at 9: Post 9 of Feb 6, That Denon app is pretty cool.

    The audio eq is licensed from elephantcandy, the makers of EQu. I think I'll take sound quality over battery life but I have a touch, not an iPhone so it's okay if It runs low.

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    I love how the Denon app has a queue system, something EQu is missing but EQu sounds a tad bit better to me. I've tried Equalizer extensively but I just can't get the phenominal sub-bass that I can from EQu, but Equalizer is less battery intensive. Equalizer has a queue system, but the app is buggy overall and crashes on me frequently. Although the dev constantly updates it which is nice.

    iPhone / iPod equalizer app for best music listening experience

    I've used the BBE app but don't like it at all. Stereophonic's audio eq is also licensed from elephantcandy but the UI is dreadful. Seems like I've used a couple other eq apps but can't remember them off the top of my head. I keep going back to EQu for my eq needs but that Denon app has queuing funtionality so I think I'll try it out for a while and see if it beats out EQu for my needs. Oct 19, at 9: Post 10 of Oct 19, I've tested equalizer and helped the programmer with my feedbacks when EqU was released i went for it as it had better sound quality and interface.

    Finally they released Stereophonic and in an audio point of view it is the best sound you can get from you ios device for the moment.