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You will not find the lyrics of your most loved music tracks. This app also lacks the variety as compared to other rival apps. There is no free or trial version also to test the app before purchasing the paid subscription. Overall rating of the app places it among the best apps for music available especially for offline music. Slacker Radio is an online music streaming service that allows you to create your own radio stations.

You can create your own playlists based on your favourite Music artists and genres. The sound quality of this app is also marvellous. Using this Radio app, you can tune to your favourite station playing the music of your likeness easily. This app also has the feature of like or dislike which allows the Slacker Radio to understand the music you love to listen.

Slacker Radio comes as the free app. You can download it from the respective app store of your smartphone. The free version of this app is not ad-free and comes with limited skips. Premium version of this allows enjoying ad-free music, unlimited skips and also offline music listening. You can download the music tracks or playlists that you love for offline listening. To do this, follow the below steps,. You can enjoy the internet free music using this app not only on your smartphone but other IoT Internet of Things devices such as cars and Home Appliances. You can always share the music and stations that you love with your friends on social media.

This app is also a wonderful news and headlines source related to Music and entertainment industry.

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Like many of its competitors, the bitrate of this app is also KBPs. You can organize and curate your favourite music tracks and artists in playlists. The most marvelous feature of this app is the way they curate the music. I never have to do curation myself because the playlists they offer are so wonderful.

You can enjoy the music with basic features free on this app. This includes ads during tracks, limited skips and no access to exclusive content. The premium subscription of this app is not that much expensive and comes with the offline music download as well among other great features. To enjoy music without data consumption on this app, follow the below steps. With its material design User Interface and other cool features, still, it is criticized by the tech-savvy reviewers for poor development.

Poor sound quality is also a drawback of this application. But still, you can enjoy your favourite Bollywood music offline on this app without data consumption. Shazam is another popular free music app works without WiFi as well for the music-lovers. This app allows you to discover from the music world. This free app allows you to identify any music playing around you. Just Shazam it and it will the rest of it. Shazam is free to use and runs on the ads it displays.

A year ago, Shazam introduced an offline mode for music listeners. This allows the basic functionality of the app even if your online or offline. To use this,. Shazam sometimes redirects you to the other music streaming services such as Deezer, Google Play Music or Apple Music of the track is premium. It is worth mentioning that above listing of the offline music apps is not based on their features, user base, number of soundtracks or other. Some of these apps are specific while features the music specific to a film industry.

Payment plans are also different and some of them even offer free data free music listening. Each app is carefully reviewed for its pros and cons. Choose the app which suits your budget and also the right kind of music. Please tell which music app you use music listening without Wifi connectivity. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Password recovery. Get help. All Linux Mac Windows. All Android iOS. Share on Facebook. Download QR-Code. Spotify - Music and Podcasts.

Spotify Ltd. Deezer Music Player: Deezer Mobile. Pandora Music. Rhapsody International, Inc. Google Play Music. Google LLC. Amazon Music. Amazon Mobile LLC. Apple Music. Apple Inc. Gamma Gaana Ltd. Slacker Radio. Slacker Inc. Saavn Media Pvt. You will enjoy this app more than anything. When you are in need of sorting out all the songs in the library, this player will help you. They have a mood option where they categorize the song based on party, workout, romance, moments, chill and others.

You can create the playlists according to your demand.

Top 10 Best Free Music Apps for iPhone Without WiFi (12222 Updated)

Create your own playlist from millions of tracks, albums and many more. Take your playlist with you anywhere you want. While it is an offline player, it will provide the advantages of listening to music anywhere. Probably, it is the most amazing feature given by Deezer. Additionally, Deezer comes with an option for online streaming.

You need not to be connected to the internet to enjoy the music you love. So it works either way you need. Now easily stream and save your music and listen to them while you are offline. Among all other app to listen to music without wifi or data, this is the music player without what this list would be incomplete.

Spotify is one of the most downloaded apps till now. It also has a great user rating. So download your favorite song and listen to them anytime you want without any internet connection. The Spotify comes totally free of charges. The charge for a song will be still counted though. Because you must pay the singer and the company that is releasing the new album. But installing and using this software is completely free.

This app also comes with the advantage of multi-purpose listening. When you are home, you can easily listen to your favorite song online. Now, when you go outside- just save the song when the internet is connected. Now enjoy the song offline for a lifetime. You will find unlimited access to music from anywhere in the world.

15 Best Offline Music Apps Works Without Wifi (February )

All the new songs and music are uploaded daily to the server. They all are well-organized in Spotify. One of the most exciting features is that you will be notified on the release of blockbuster track. As I have mentioned before. The app is multipurpose music app. It not only helps you with Mp3, Wav, and Amr format but also deals with videos and podcasts. They can also be saved offline for listening later.

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This is one of the best features of this music player. You will get a pre-organized playlist in Spotify. The collection of your music in the device will automatically be organized according to title, genres, artists or song category.

Best Free Apps To Listen Music Offline Without WiFi

Now you can find all of your songs more easily and efficiently. Create a mix of favorite song, artist and album. J ust press the notification button and you will get all the updates and news from the community. This is one of the best free music streaming service where you can listen to your favorite songs without Wi-Fi service. Here you can create a radio station of you own based on your favorite singer and their song.

Let us see some features of Pandora as a free music listening app. You can make your own radio station based on your favorite artist and songs. You can easily make more than one satiation depending on your mood like dance song, old song, party song. If you want you can you can share your station and songs with you friends.

App like ITUBE - IT WORKS !!! 2017

If you want you will be notified if a new song is released by the artist or singer you like. In that case, you can immediately download the song and can add to your station or bookmark the song to download later. Creating a free account with the restriction of 40 hours in one month in Pandora it gives you access to millions of songs and suggests new music based on your preference. You can access your Pandora account anywhere you want. You can play or listen to your favorite music through Pandora from media player, smartphone and other devices like smart TV and home theater.

Pandora is very impressive for social networking sites. If you want you can share your station with others and can listen to the music of others station or album. You can also find people and follow them who have same musical taste and can share your views and thoughts. When you are offline you can take your collection everywhere you want. Let us see what more amazing features SoundCloud provide us.

All the stations that you create remain in an organized way in the collection folder.


It is very easy to make history of your station. It is super easy to access the station. By clicking the menu and start track station you can start a new station and can add songs of your own choice. If you want you can you can add or delete any comment or post you views.

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You can manage your own account and have the control to delete and post comments on the track. You will find huge collection of songs and music from diverse content like hip-hop, pop, witch-hop, jazz, rock, old, romantic and many more. You will find more than million tracks. Exciting, right? You can take offline immediately if you love any particular music.

So if you are excited then install this music app and enjoy. The station feature will offer the user to endlessly stream your favorite songs. Through the station feature the SoundCloud promotes more talents and of course, this is a good way to discover new artist and their songs. Spotify Premium: Not to state the obvious here, but when it comes to music apps Spotify is hard to beat. Yes, there is a monthly subscription fee, but if you truly love taking your music with you wherever you go then the price is worth it. DL It: Evermusic is a music aggregating app that allows you to download your songs and keep them together in one easy-to-use app.

Free on iOS. Another handy music management app, Musify lets you save all your songs in one place. The app allows you to shuffle and create custom playlists — plus, it can divvy up your music by country as well. Time to get to listening worldwide. Google Play Music: