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Use a hot air rework station, or alike to unsolder the port from the board. Check for cracked solder prior to replacing it, a simple reflow of the solder on the part may be all that is needed. Hope this helps, good luck. Mickey Masterson. My galaxy 3 stopped charging.

I first bought a new charger thinking that was the problem with now luck. I bought a new battery, still no luck. My daughter in law told me she saw online that the galaxy 3 was having issues with the port on the phone collecting dirt and dust. She took to Best Buy and they cleaned it with a wipe around a pin and its working fine. I tried cleaning the port with a pin and believe it or not I'm not having any charging issues. I did not use any contact cleaner or any other cleaning solution just a pin. Hope this helps.

This seems to be a very common and recurring problem with Galaxy S3 phones. Less hassle, no soldering. Teching for someone else's franchise. The galaxy s3 is notorious for the design of the charge port allowing the contact pins to break their solder joints to the board.

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The big reason I'm replying to this super old thread is this. I have repaired more of these phones than I can count and something that I see over and over is people doing further damage to their device by rigging it up instead of fixing it. Here is what happens A couple of the pins crack or break making an intermittent connection with the board, at this point, the charger will still work but you notice some issues occasionally.

You likely buy a new charger to see if that fixes it. A few weeks later you notice the problem has gotten worse so you do some work with google and find instruction to wiggle it, jam stuff up into it, pull the charger off to one side, etc. What is going on in the phone at this point is the cracked joints have gotten worse, trying to make the phone charge there have been more connections damaged or the already damaged ones are further damaged. A few weeks later, you have a hard time keeping the phone with enough juice to turn on and finally break down and carry it in to me for repair.

The problem is, the constant wiggling of the connector will pull the traces off the board making my job harder and your repair more expensive. I've even seen one or two that could not be repaired. I've seen dozens that required some "creative work" to get patched back up because the device is damaged at the board level. For those not familiar, you cannot simply swap out the logic board. THAT is what you are risking by not correctly repairing this problem. If you can do this repair, more power to you.

I'd advise you be extraordinarily careful the youtube videos can be misleading as to the level of complexity you're getting into. Otherwise, find a reputable shop that can get you squared away before the damage goes further and damages the traces on your phone. I too have repaired many, many of these phones probably not quite but probably getting close! If it works on and off when wiggled it needs to be fixed before the board is damaged and it's harder to fix.

My Sumsung Galaxy S3 Mini started charging by itself. Do you have any idea why it would do this?

Replacing the usb charging port needs the use of a 'hot air' soldering iron. Google for part number and find a local tv repair shop as they should have the skills and equipment to replace it. Or you can invest in a wireless charging kit search eBay for 'galaxy s3 wireless charging' and use wifi to move your files..

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Daisy Thomas. Bob Wettermann. This method uses solder paste, a stencil and a micro squeegee to get the device down. You may also need, depending on your eyesight some type of magnification. Finally you will need a heating source. You will either need to have some advanced soldering skills and lots of patience OR you can, if you are some what patient and have very little experience, use this method:.

Ian Homer. My S3 stopped charging a few months ago. Cleaned out port with a pin a while ago. I got lots of gunk out, but still didn't work. Was going to send back to Samsung since still under warranty , even was reading about resoldering in a new usb port Much easier - thx. I figured it out and the contact cleaner seems to have done the trick I wasn't looking forward to soldering in a new port.

Contact cleaner can be bought at any hardware store. Used by electician's to clean electical surfaces and joints. Very commom. Any salesman will know what your looking for. Its very easy to use. Its like a can of alcohol and drys extremely quick. Although most contact cleaners are unflamable. Nicole Marie. I have this problem as well.

I tried to get the charging port fixed, but they couldn't fix it. I have only had my Samsung S3 for 6 months and the charging port stopped working.

Comment changer les options de connexion USB sur mon Samsung Galaxy S III

I just ordered an external battery charger to charge the battery itself. You can order them from Amazon or Ebay. The only 2 GS3 charge ports I've seen that I couldn't fix were because of the damage someone else did to the board thinking they knew what they were doing. If a shop cannot do this rather simple repair, either your phone is the 1 in that is repairable or your hired fred flinstone to work on your phone. One of these two is far more likely a scenario than the other. I hope that's helped. Roshan Maharjan. Hey if it's only for charging then Samsung Galaxy s3 users can use wireless charging method, by buying wireless charging kits ie lower than.

Confirmed on mine, whatever you do don't solder to the one next to it as this will do strange things such as presenting 5V to the battery don't ask how I found this out! This fix won't repair the USB lines but with some careful bridging via modwire it will then charge correctly. Vic Murphy vicba. I have just fixed mine and it took about 5 seconds, really!

I had all the same issues mentioned by others. Slow charging leading to not charging at all. Or it charges for about 1 minute then cuts off. I blamed the battery, then tried another. Same problem. I blamed the port connector for being loose as when I wriggled it then sometimes a charge would kick in for a short while. I blamed the charging lead because it was too thin or the wrong type, I blamed the plug that the charging lead goes into. I figured it might have been the connectors from the charging port to the mother board because so many 'experts' had suggested getting it professionally fixed.

It was not the problem. I live in San Pedro Belize which is a salty, sandy island by the way. I purchased an electronics duster called 'Dust off' Incidentally, I am not an agent or in any way connected to the product, I'm sure there must be several other brands out there it is a small aerosol canister that has compressed air I suspect some sort of alcohol or spirit too from the smell but it is dry air that comes out.

The cannister comes with a small straw attachment. I squirted this into my charging port for about 5 seconds. My phone charged up immediately on my cheapo charging lead - not even the more expensive one that I bought. The phone now charges like new. Give it a go, it's super cheap and super fast. Best wishes, Vic. Et oui! Des promesses, que des promesses Pourtant, tous les tests diront que le produit est merveilleux Je pense que non.

Ma conviction c'est: Jamais tu ne liras un mot sur le gps par exemple. Laisse parler ils gerbent devant Samsung mais ils oublient que sans Samsung et sa gamme Galaxy il n'y aurait pas d'Android Une arnaque? Un Galaxy Ace? Je vois que tu ne l'as jamais eu entre les mains En clair Samsung arnaquent le consommateur, et en ont parfaitement conscience.

De plus Android n'aurait Jamais atteint une telle ampleur sans Samsung Oui et non! Samsung Apple Apple Samsung Pas mauvais, ok. Mais prends tu le prix de l'appareil en compte? C'est la pire arnaque que j'ai jamais vu!!! Non tu n'a pas compris! Je suis un Fanboy Samsung jeune homme, j'ai le S3 et le Note 2. Il ressemble au grand. C pas toi qui va changer la donne heureusement. Le samsung galaxy S 3 mini est trop bien , je connais quelqu'un qui a le meme mais en normal et il est exactement pareil mais en plus petit.

Et c'est nimp ce que vous dites car il est plus petit et beaucoup moins chere. Il n'a pour moi que de nom S3. Galaxy S3 mini: Samsung et son amour inconditionnel pour Apple Son bench est pas flippant je trouve! C'est son bench mis en relation avec son prix qui est flippant!

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Ce S3 mini n'est pas non plus mauvais L'occasion de vendre, sous le nom d'un appareil haut de gamme, un sous produit moins puissant qu'un Galaxy S2. Moche, moche, moche. Cheap, cheap, cheap.

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Quelles sont les meilleures box Android TV et…. Quel smartphone Sony Xperia choisir en ? Test de l'Amazon Echo Input: Test du Microsoft Surface Headphones: Samsung Galaxy S3. Fiche produit Forum. Voir le test. Signaler une erreur dans le texte. Partager cet article! Tous mes articles Suivez-moi Suivez-moi: Galaxy S4 Mini, une preuve de son existence!

Tablette Tactile. New Thek Frank Nano. On deoit pas parler du meme Oo. S'il s'agit d'une SIM normale ou d'une micro sim! Bonjour, je souhaite savoir quel est le type de carte sim du galaxy S3 mini? Celine Lafarge. Guillaume Lassia. J'espere qu'il va comprendre tes explications. Moi j'abandonne. Le s3 nest pas moche.

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C'est juste quil ne convient pas a tes gouts d'chiotte. Ah oui tas raison, que le Ace 2: Non, non. Cherche "gt-i8 galaxy ace" et tu verras bien. Te prendre sans vaseline!!! C'est assez explicite ou tu ira acheter le GS4? Kevin Luxray. A j'aime bien ta phrase "look lave linge" Johann Vanhouche. Nous avons un cas de pigeonnite aigue. Appelez les urgences!! Vincent Debrou. Jelly Bean est aussi en Android Pur